OOTD Pointy

Dress from HM Divided, Jacket from HM BIB, Leggings from BIK BOK, Heels are secondhand from Ebay.
This weekend went by too fast, I went to Stockholm to visit my best friend to celebrate her birthday! It was a blast!!! :D I had so much fun, and my brother tagged along, however at the club things got a little out of control and I decided to bounce early with my brother who was out. So yes, it was somewhat of a crazy night. Also got some self perspective that night, I know now more then ever that family means the world to me, to show respect, and that the club scene is not my place, and I missed my boyfriend Jason more then ever!!! 
Anyhow, it was fun night all in all, and pictures will be uploaded later. :) Thanks girls for an awesome night! *hearts*
Thanks for reading!


Unknown said…
First... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes (are you even surprised?). Second... I think you look AMAZING!!! And that jacket is sooo bad ass!! Can't wait to see the pictures from the night out!!
dc said…
You look stunning!Totally gorgeous!
Sheva Cost said…
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Sheva Cost said…
I love the dress

Anonymous said…
Love the dress + your shoes!

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