A call for camp

Oh my frikkin' god! I love these new pictures of Crystal Renn for Vouge Japan's June issue. STYLED BY LORI GOLDSTEIN!!! You can so tell, it's brilliant, love her work. And Crystal Renn really know how to work it, she's really doing an amazing job as model, considering where she's coming from and past work as a plus size model she'll always be my absolute favorite supermodel!


Roxie said…
Oh my! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! the colors, patters, texture, poses and well of course Crystal! lol
love it.
Teer Wayde said…
I loved this so much when I saw it a few days ago! Brilliant styling and those poses - perfect!

She is my favorite too, I love that one of her main expressions seems to be the tongue on the roof of your mouth so your check bones pop - this my fave too.
Emma said…
Hon har gått ned väldigt mycket i vikt va? Jag tycker inte att hon ser plus size alls ut.

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