Denise Bidot

Ok, I have a new "girl crush" Denise Bidot. I think she's gorgeous, love her on Forever21 Plus size, I always love the clothes she's wearing, she's really working it. The other plus size models on Forever21 are NOT near as good as Denise. :P I want that hair color and I wish I could pull of a bang like that! I'm always like "Ohhh! I wanna get bangs!!" but then when I cut it I always regret it, I love bangs but I have a problem with having hair in my face. (am I the only one?) I start iching my forehead. haha. But anyway, I admire others that have them and pull it off. Kudos ;)
If I could sit down with Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham and Crystal Renn and have a chat I would be on heaven, I had idols when I was a kid and not so much now, but really when I think about it...these gorgeous plus size women so are my idols today. I really admire their work and they make me feel better about myself and my body. Thank you girls!!!


Ariana said…
Agreed, she is gorgeous!!
Kimberly said…
I'm with you on the bangs! Love them on others, but on me they are a no go. And I agree with you on Denise - she is truly gorg!
YESS YESS!!! This Bitch is soooo fly!
Anonymous said…
She's too pretty, and i love her body figure!
Unknown said…
She is definitely gorgeous.
Unknown said…
wow! she is stunning


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