Tonight I'm a big ESC geek

This year I'm def. a proud Swede because Eric Saade (such cutie) made it to the final tonight, last year we didn't and that was horrible, Sweden always makes it to the final, except last year, it sort of broke our 40 year trend of competiting in the final. We've been so bad these pass few years it's not even fun anymore, BUT! today I'm more excited cause we actually got a chance of getting one of our best results in many years, OMG (*^_^*) I talk about it like I'm the biggest fan and really into the Eurovision song contest, fact is that...I don't always like it, I'm not THAT into it. It's entertaining sure...entertaining because you can make fun of some the preformances. :P
These above are my favorites this year in the final of Eurovision Song Contest. 
Does any of my European readers follow the competition and do you have any favorites?


Anna said…
i'm being forced by my lovely hubby to watch it. i do have to admit though that this years contest is one of the best yet. for once almost everybody tried to perform somewhat modern songs. some of the countries are a little too traditional for me once. i think serbia's song was really good, even though it's a bit retro. i hate our song (germany) but it's what "we" voted for. i don't think we'll make number one again this year :-(

xoxo Anna
Marian said…
I sometimes follow Eurovision just to laugh about Spanish contestants, they are really bad haha this year most of the songs were pretty cool. Eric is such a cutie! x
Anonymous said…
Sure, :) And Kati Wolf is my cousin! I'm from Hungary.
Unfortunetly the reason why we didn't win is political...
Becky said…
I watch it every single year xD Meanwhile it's more of a gossip-thing than just because of the music, but this year was a bit different^^ In general, the songs weren't that bad and the performances had something 'easy on the eye' but yet special. I was cheering for Sweden (mainly because he's such a handsome sweetie xD) and I felt sorry for France (because he as well looks pretty good and has a good voice ;)). I also enjoyed the Estonian & Slovenian song and the Ukrainian sand drawings in the background, but Azerbaijan's winning was a bit of surprise, but ok. =)

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