OOTD Double up!

Lace leggings from BIK BOK, Dress from HM Divided, Jacket from HM, Scarf from nelly.com, Shoes from Converse, Bag from nypd.
I'm not all sure of my brothers pieces, BUT I do know he's gorgeous biker jacket is from ACNE, love! and boots from Doc Martens.

So today I had to pleasure to hang with my bro ALL DAY! We got up early, made some errands, did I little sightseeing in Uppsala, for example went to "Domkyrkan". Our citys beautiful big old church. Did some window shopping, had one footlong each at Subway, mine: grilled chicken with Southwestern sauce, omg love! Hot. More pictures might get posten later ;)
Take care everyone and thanks for reading, ALSO Thank you SO much for all the lovely comments on my latest outfit post, really warms my heart, thank yoooouuu!!!


Unknown said…
Love the inclusion of your brother! You guys look fabulous!
Gazel M. said…
You and your brother are beautiful people. <3
JazmineKariss said…
Very pretty :)
Unknown said…
U look sooo cute!!! <3


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