OOTD Yellow

Dress from HM Divided, Scarf from Nelly.com, Black belt from HM, Legging from HM, Jacket from HM, Shoes are vintage.

You know the scarf that I'm giving away :) I bought one for myself as well and I love it, so I hope the lucky winner will love it was much as I do, cause it's frikkin' amazing, really pulls the outfit together. I will announce the winner later tonight. Good luck!


Morgaine said…
LOVE! this dress on you, stunning.x
Wynter said…
i love that dress!
Unknown said…
Wow this dress is great, I love the color and it looks super nice on you. Can't go wrong with a skull print scarf btw.
Ontheqtrain said…
I want that dress. Its so pretty =)
Marian said…
Nice dress! x
Anonymous said…
Pretty yellow dress!

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