30 Summer letters - day 3

Dear Mom,
(FILIPINO PRIDE!!!!) :D I want to start of my thanking you for bringing me into this world :) and shaping me into the person I am today. You are a great role model that I look up to, your life story is interesting and inspirational. I want to see the world too!! So it means the world to me that you are supporting me and my plans of moving to the US. Trust me, I'm gonna need the support cause I'm gonna miss home and the family so much! Thank you, Thank you for taking care of me, putting a roof over my head, and giving me rides to dance practices and attending many dance shows ;) when I was young. Thank you so much for the trip to Japan, that was the most amazing graduation gift I've ever gotten!! You have heart of gold. You're the best mom ever! (even though we argue sometimes of course, but family bond is important.)
Also, I'm so happy and grateful for your support in my relationship with Jason, means the world to me.
Ah, lots of thank you's in this letter, Oh well, Lets stay close as a family forever. Bless you!


Anonymous said…
Your mom is BEAUTIFUL!!! n she looks so young as well :)
J-Jones said…
Your mom is definitely beautiful. :] And I had no idea you were filipino.
OB said…
totally cried.. I'm a sucker for mommy love! she is so beautiful! <3
Wynter said…
your mom is gorgeous!


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