30 summer letters - day 5

Dear dreams of mine,
My dad always told me never to share my dreams with anybody cause the wrong people might steal them from you. Which in some cases can be true, your biggest dreams should be kept a secret if it is for example a great idea of yours, or a carreer move. I don't know, you dreams get me lost. You haven't really made a strong impression on me yet, what is my dream, my big dream? Feels like there's so many things in life I want to achive, the usual: get a good job that I love, be finacially stable, start a family, have a long and healthy life, etc. I think I'm gonna have to think really hard about it and let it get to me, what my big dream is. It's def. gonna be about something I'm passionat about and where I get to use my creativity. One small little tiny dream I have right now is to get to work at Wendy's and maybe become a manager, cause I know I would OWN IT! ;)


Anonymous said…
you and i think alike, and i think you becoming the manager of Wendy's is a great start!

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