30 summer letters - day 7

Dear Ex's,
don't worry this is not gonna be a long and heartful letter, the opposite! Just wanna let you know that I am in the best relationship ever at the moment, with him I have a future, with him I find comfort, support, he makes me feel beautiful and special. unlike you....
My relationships with you were short and it never developed. I always felt like the second choice, I always used to blame my looks for that...the fact that I was "bigger" was a problem, that is what I always thought, something better looking came a long and you threw me out like trash, you cheated on me! you lied to me! You we're hidning me from your friends and family, why did you never invite me over? why did I never get to meet your friends? well....I think I know now....you were ashamed. Now what does that say about you? That you are one son of a bitch. I have the right to be mad, NOW this is turning into a long letter cause as soon as I get started, all these thoughts come up again and it fires me up! Shame on you!! I felt really bad about myself, I felt un-wanted and un-attractive.
I never think about you really, there's been times when I've done a little spying on facebook, you have a good life now it seems,  kids and stuff, that's crazy....kids. Ehm, well, hope you gave a good life and that you never hurt your loved one like you did me. You feel me?!


Anonymous said…
Well said!
Unknown said…
I love what you said here and I can completely relate! I'm finally in a good relationship and the past relationships seem so insignificant in comparison. I always felt in the past, as you did, that my ex relationships/crushes acted as if I wasn't good enough because I was a big girl too and it sucked so much.

Det skulle vara guld värt om du rötade på mitt bidrag HÄR

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