The Adorable Blog award

I wanna thank Mia from so much for this super cute award, thank you! :) YOU ARE ADORABLE! 

So, here's 10 things about me:
1. I own too many shoes, and I just keep buying them.
2. I always start the day with a big cup of coffee.
3. I'm a night person.
4. Chips are my guilty pleasure.
5. Crash is the movie I've cried the most too. Seriously, like a baby.
6. I'm half filipina, and I've been too Philippines 4 times.
7. I have a hard time admitting that I add meatballs, veggies and eggs to my noodles. I don't know anyone that does that, am I alone? :)
8. I dream of having a great future career in life.
9. I work at a fast food place.
10. I often talk too fast in Swedish that i start to stammer and get tounge tied. haha, especially at work where it's often stressfull.

Omg, that was a little hard.
I want to give this award to:


Ariana said…
Congrats on the award, it's well deserved!! and thanks for passing it to me :)
Anonymous said…
awe, thank you for awarding me :)

I also dream of having a great future career in life!

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