I Heart Forever21

Denim Dolphin Shorts, French Terry Cuffed Shorts, Fab Cuffed Denim Shorts, Fab Skinny Jeans (Short)
Alright, alright, alright, I gooooot my Forever21 paaaaackaaaage yesterday and I am so happy with all the items I got. So I just wanted to share it all with you readers and give you a little bit of a review.

So I was most of all interested in buying myself a lot of "bottoms" cause I have such a HARD time finding shorts, skirts and pants home in Sweden that are my size (to begin with) and that fits well. So I cashed in on two pair of denim shorts, they were less then 20$ which I like, affordable, I like that, and then converted into Swedish Krona WELL, then it's a frikkin' STEAL! :D *huge happy face* Both in size 16 just to be sure the'd fit well and not too tight, the dark denim shorts had a nice stretch to them and fit nicely however the light denim shorts were a little too big to my surprise, also stretchy but bigger around the waste, I can take em' off without having to un-button them. SO...with a belt they fit better. (OOTD of that later ;)) So size-wise I wouldn't say they are "that" accurate so note that ;)
The sweatshirt shorts are great, love em', comfortable and has a nice fit to them, size XL, high waste love the thicker and longer rope to tie around the waist with, thumbs up! The Skinny jeans were cheap, fits well, and has a perfect lenght to them, choose the short model, I'm 5.4'' and they were perfect, however one of the belt loops ripped off when I was trying them on and I didn't even pull hard so...I'm gonna have to fix that *sigh* :)
Everything cost 74$ and all in all I'm very happy with my purchase, so happy to finally have a few pair of shorts and pants now that fit! I've ordered even more shorts now to bring home to Sweden. That is how crazy I am for Forever21 + 's shorts.


Wynter said…
i love forever21+ they always have really cute and affordable plus size clothing.

JazmineKariss said…
Super cute buy! I think we have the same skinny jeans:)
Anonymous said…
I wish i could shop at Forever 21! they have amazing clothes! love the shorts :)
Maria Bach said…
Wow! Your blog is amazing! Really love it! You look really cute, and i love your style! And you're from Sweden, how cool! Im from Denmark :)

Well, i just wanted to say that.

p.s. Your brother is sooooo cute :D :D

// Maria Bach
Isabella said…
Hi Jennifer, I love your blog : ) I've been reading for a while and thought I'd say hi!

I went to Forever 21 yesterday and was once again shocked by how much great stuff they had and how cheap it was. I think I got the same dark blue shorts you did, and the jeans, too! Those rings are lovely.

I'm glad you're enjoying the U.S.! I'm half-American, half-Finnish, and I'll be going back to Finland soon. Glad to have the Scandinavian connection!

Enjoy your purchases : )

Just Daisy said…
I loveeee those rings! I have to run over to Forever21+ A.S.A.P! And all of this for $74 #duhwinning


mitch said…
Looooooooveee all the denims & rings you purchase! I so wish there's Forever 21 here...

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