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Age: Soon to be 24  Bed size: 110 cm    Height: 5,5''
Chores you hate: Vacuuming the house*sigh*
Dogs: are cute and fun...absolutely, my dream dog to get if I ever get one is a Welsh Corgi. But I'm more of a cat person. It takes so much money and time to take care of a dog that at the moment I can't do that but maybe in the futre. :)
Essential Start to your day: 1 HUGE CUP OF COFFEE, without coffee in the morning I don't know how the day would turn out. I need my coffee in the morning. lol.
Favourite colour: ALL! but if  had to choose one right now I guess Pink Fushia.
Gold or Silver: Silver
Instruments I play: I wish I played an instrument, but no. *defeated*
Job Title: Assistent manager
Kids: me and kids have a hate love relationship. lol, I'm scared of the fact of having a non-stop crying kid but I do want kids in the future, at least 2. The thought of raising a mini-you is amazing!!
Live: Uppsala, Sweden
Mum's Name: Concepcion   Nickname: Jen/Jenni/J.LO/Jenka
One wish: I wish that me and my close ones all have a long and healhty life, filled with happiness and fortune.
Pet Peeve: Snails, YUCK! They give me the chills!
Quote from a Movie:
Right or Left handed: Right Siblings: one younge brother and sister.
Time you wake up: usually very late cause I work I lot of night shifts. I'd say around 12-1pm.
Underwear: Comfortable hipster painties.
Vegetables you dislike: green peas, YUCK!
What makes you run late: I'm hardly ever late, only a little late sometimes and that is often because I get stuck deciding what to wear or because I'm gabbing something to eat before I leave. lol.
X-Rays you've had done: Teeth and my knee, never got the results for that one though, stupid hospital.
Yummy food you make: I love making various delicious chicken dishes, chicken curry for example Yummy!
Zoo Animals: Totally YAY! love going around the Zoo looking at different animals! It's a nice experience!

Inspired by http://buttonsbowsandbrogues.blogspot.com


Anonymous said…
I love this, pretty cool, and i love how you incorporated photos into it :D
Unknown said…
<3 this. And love your new icon, the coral is beautiful against your skin.
J-Jones said…
^^ Agree. That color looks amazing on you.
Odeliaa said…
I would love the chicken curry recipe :-)
Sophie G. said…
Jennifer, spelade inte du blockflöjt med mig på lågstadiet? (inte för att det betyder att man kan spela längre iofs...) :)

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