OOTD Flower power

Dress from HM divided, lace cycle shorts from Ginatricot, Denim jacket from Jsfn Ellos.se, Shoes are converse.

The days are going by rather slow which is good, cause I dont want this vacation time, AND time with Jason to end. The other day I wore this, love this cute little flowery dress from HM. Divided run small in sizes but I lucky got myself into this one yay! however it's a little tight around the chest area but who cares, :D I LOVE FLOWER PATTERNS! I'm a sucker for them, just the other day I got two flowery summer dresses from Target. Not one, TWO flowery dresses haha. I have no idea how many flower pattern dresses I own by now, you feel me? :) haha.


JazmineKariss said…
Lovely dress, glad to hear your having a goodtime with your boyfriend! I want to visit mine soon!
Wynter said…
i love this look. its like a look you can wear to the mall or to just hang out!

Anonymous said…
me loves the dress & you look pretty!

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