OOTD pink

Top from Ginatricot, Cardigan from Target, Belt from HM, Bag from Eckö, Shorts from Forever21 plus size, shoes from Juicy Couture.
These are the shorts that are a little too big on me from Forever21+, I love the color though and the style, so i decided to keep the anyway and have them taken in a little bit so they fit better. with a belt they stay on much better. also love how well they went together with pink. I'm not a fan of pink colors on clothes but I love colors so I'm trying to keep an open mind and I really love this combo.


Marian said…
You look great! x
Eva said…
Pink is awesome. It suits everyone. :DD
You look pretty!
theGIRLSarea said…
Very nice outfit for this summer :D

Anonymous said…
You look adorable in the pink!
Isabella said…
I really like that color combo. It reminds me of the nineties in the best way : ) You look really pretty!
Falala Mele said…
once again...effortless and beautiful :)

Unknown said…
I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Love it, love it, LOVE it! :) xx


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