Picture fest

THAT'S A SANDWICH! ;) Mozarella cheese melted on top of mozarella sticks, marinara sauce, on top of beef patty!!! With pickles and Disco fries, guess what the plate is called? The jersey shore burger, lol, just had to try it. ;)
Best Diner in the area, been visted by Guy from The food network, you know diner, drive-ins and dives. Love that show!!
Starbucks coffee, overrated, Starbucks ice cream NOT overrated, Delicious.
OOTD black and white
Blondie chillin' in the sun.
Manicure and pedicure, gotta love it. Always nice to pamper yourself.

Just some pictures from the last few days.
Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for following.


Unknown said…
nice blog:) invite me: * + FOLLOW?
Anonymous said…
Yum, and that dress looks great!
Unknown said…
I love that black and white dress, amazing. Aww @ blondie. I'm a sucker for the felines and ducks honestly, I find them so cute.
yeah i love the black and white dress too!! where did you get it??


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