So happy to be on vacation

so I'm in America right now, loving it as always, I've already had lunch at a diner, dinner at a Pizzeria...chicken parmesan hot sandwich, MmmYUM!!! Been to Walmart, ehm...watching "The voice" on E!, great show, tv shows in Sweden doesn't messure up. It's so nice to be here. However I dont have an adapter to plug in my lap top so I'm feeling a little screwed right now cause my laptop is gonna die eventurally, they didnt sell universal adapters at Walmart, what?!?! so...I have to go to an electronic store today so that I can do another blog post later. :)
Hope all is well. Stay tuned ;)


Enjoy your stay in America! I heard you are attending the LB blogger conference, I will be glad to meet you there!
Anonymous said…
You look adorable! n yay for being in the states :)
Mode Plus said…
I was wondering that myself about the electricity. Guess I need to get me an adapter before heading to NYC.

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