Stylish FAM

I've of course miss my family the most when I'm gone, when I'm in the US all I can think about is how I wish my family was there, especially my little brother and sister, cause I wanna take them with me to the mall, out to eat at my fav places, show them around, how fun! I can not wait til I move and have them come over to visit. :D
I really love my sisters new high waist Levis denim shorts, just SUCKS that I know I will never find my size. Wish they had my size that would fit, you guys feel me? They are HOT!
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Wynter said…
I love her shorts. lols
CurvyGirlChic said…
Hahaha I love the butt shot! lolol! Aw major family resemblance going on here! :D <3 you hun! Can't wait to has you in the states again! :D

xo Allison
Gazel M. said…
Her shorts are AWESOME.
I'm sure you can find a pair of levi jeans at the thrift store. Do some DIY and cut the legs off!

Ola Dipo said…
so sorry about the seperation between you and your loved ones, that must be extremely difficult but they make it look fabulous. you do have a stylish fam.
Marian said…
I'm sure you can find some similiar shorts but from a different brand xx
Anonymous said…
me likes their style!
Elata said…
Yeah it's always a problem with "this item is so super cute but they don't make it in my size". Should we send a petition to Levis? :)
Your Mom and Sis are really cute and in the pics Sweden seems to be hit by a heat stroke. Summer is a great thing :)

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