Weekend pictures

 Birthday flowers from me and Jason to Jason's mom Debbie. Happy Birthday!
 why?! WHY!?.....WHY?! Don't we have this kind of hot sandwish in Sweden?! It's Delicious!
 At Walmart, omg! How cute aren't these!?
 Look at that cute face!
 At Farmers market, cute and cozy, lots of veggies and fruits for a good price.
 Wendy's I've missed you!
fast food done right.

So my first weekend here has passed, and here are some random pictures from it. :) Already I've been out and about, done some shopping, earrands, and enjoyed good food. This is my 1000th post by the way! How crazy isn't that?! Pretty amazed about that, also wanna do a shout out to my little brother who turns 22 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Outfit pictures will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned. ;) Thanks for followng.


Eva said…
Wow, 1000 posts!! Congrats! I've been blogging for half a year and only posted like 25 posts ha.
The pictures looks great. Have fun in America!
Unknown said…
Yay!!! Welcome back to the US!!
Just Daisy said…
all that yummy food is driving me up the wall haha, you take such great photos!


Anonymous said…
that sandwich looks good, and the monkey's adorable!
Ariana said…
Welcome to the US!! Let me know when you have some free time and we'll meet up! I look forward to meeting you!!
Unknown said…
Ser trevligt ut :D
Och grattis på din födelsedag! =)
girl ! call me or go on twitter !

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