30 Summer letters - day 8

My favorite internet friend, I don't think I have a favorite internet friend. I used too...when I was younger internet was a bigger part of my social life. I had loads of internet friends that I spoke to a lot, everyday, for hours, we'd build a real relationship even though we'd never met. Chatting on MSN is something I did everyday for example. today, I'm never online anymore. Facebook is my social network right now. lol, I met Jason during that time when I was chatting a lot online, I was playing a online game and we started talking in the forums and then by email, later on we chatted everyday on msn, and eventually we spoke on the phone everyday for hours. I fell in love. until we met he was my favorite internet friend. I have internet to thank for meeting Jason!
Everyone that comment and follow my blog, all the curvy girls in this blog community, ...all you I haven't met in RL yet. I consider you all my internet friends, and I'm really appreciating all your support and love. Seending you all LOTS of viritual LOVE! ;)


Unknown said…
I had similar experiences when I was younger, around the time I was 14 I found a chat room I liked and started talking to the people on a regular basis. Some I ended up meeting in person, some I talked to on the phone, some ended up being complete psychos - it was a big part of my life for several years. I don't chat online at all anymore besides blogs and a livejournal community. I still keep in touch with about five people from those days but not on a regular basis. Facebook and texting is about all I do besides the previously mentioned things.

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