Add a blazer

Blazer from vintage store, top from HM, skirt from HM, shoes from, various rings.
For this day on the "wear a skirt"-challenge I had to make it classy with adding a blazer, I know this might be shocking but I don't own many blazers, I own like 2, this one and one crazy filipino pattern inspired one, oh I may own a sequin blazer, but I never wear it. So this simple one with shoulder pads actually, was my first hand choice to wear for this outfit. Anyway, I should invest in getting myself a black or white one, it's a basic clothing piece you should have in your wardrobe right? :)
Hope you like, be sure to check out mystyleremixx
Thanks for reading.


Becky said…
You look really beautiful!=) You might be right, one should maybe invest in some blazers^^ anyways, this one looks really good and I love the shoes x)

Unknown said…
Stunning! I absolutely LOVE this outfit!
Unknown said…
Love this outfit, you look great. I always love stripes, I'm sucker for them.
Unknown said…
You always look SO good! This is great, it, makes you look all grown and up serious business.

It's not controversial to not have blazers - I don't own any! They look a bit wrong on me, haha.

You look amazing! I think you look great and skirts. You've got sexy legs girl!
Bethany. said…
I got loads of love on my blog for my new blazer the other day, I'm actually loving having something so simple and so versatile. I got mine from ASOS! You can check it out here-
Anonymous said…
Me likes this outfit a lot! especially in the last two photos!
J-Jones said…
You just look amazing. The blazer looks wonderful on you, as do the skirt and top!
Just Daisy said…
those heels are killer hot and that blazer adds so much spice to this outfit! you look like a superstar honey :)

Ti Dickenson said…
love this outfit, everything from your blazer to the stripe skirt is perfection.

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