Favorite skirt

So I've been challenged by my jersey girl ;) Cesilia from styleremixx.blogspot.com. to wear a skirt everday for 10 days in different ways. for example: colorblock, work a miniskirt, one skirt two looks. etc. :) I'm really excited about this challenge, cause skirts are one of my favorite everyday pieces to wear.
So here's my first day challenge, YOUR FAVORITE SKIRT, YOUR WAY.
Skirt from MQ, One sleeve top from HM, Ring from XSRE, Bling ring from JCPenny, Bracelet from Nelly.com, Shoes from Nelly.com

My favorite skirt is my simple high-waist black one. It goes with everything, simple as that :)
Decided to pair it today with this super cute one sleep ruffle top from HM, and for once not wearing a tucked in top as I usually always do! This is my favorite skirt to wear, "little black skirt". always my first choice.


Nekiah Torres said…
Loving that skirt on you! That top is excellent! Can't wait to see how you wear each skirt! Kiah
Gazel M. said…
I want to do this! She tagged me but I have no time right now to do it.
You look so good.

Anonymous said…
In love with this outfit! it's really pretty!
Wynter said…
loving that top!
Thick Threads said…
yep! thats about as awesome as my favorite skirt! :) you look great!

yayyyyyyyyyyy i love this !

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