My little sister cracks me up! She always has to do a silly face which is hilarious, I see a little of myself in her, me and my best friend used to take so many pics of ourselves fooling around making silly faces all the time! Anyway, It's my weekend off work, I've sleept so many hours and been lazy, I feel so bad about not updating my blog more, I really want to but I find myself getting stuck in bed watching keeping up with the kardashians all day long, lol, but we had a family BBQ last night and it was so nice, only my brother was missing, but I love BBQ in the summer, it's not summer without BBQ, am I right or am I right? :D Outfit post will be posted later...for now here are some PAMILY POTOS! Enjoy. ;)


Anonymous said…
These are some fantastic shots,
you look so happy!
Nice blog
Follow and comment and I'll follow back?
Unknown said…
Aww how sweet, all the food looks so yummy and wow what a pretty backyard. I love the kitty picture, so adorables.
Anonymous said…
Your little sister cracks me up too, she´s super funny! Looks like a lovely evening. Nice photos!
Wynter said…
you guys are so cute! love it!
J-Jones said…
Like you, your sister and mother are both very beautiful. I see good looks run in your family! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. These pictures are great.
Ariana said…
Mmm don't know what you've got grilled up there but it looks amazing!

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