Question tag

1. Three things I want to say to three different people.
Jason I love you so much!
Jessica you're the best little sister ever!
Baby brother I'm so proud of you!
2. One of my insecurities.
At the moment it's my tummy, I know, it's horrible that I feel that way, but it's has grown this past year and it's uncomfortable.

3. What turns me on.
A loving touch from my boyfriend.

4. One of my bad habits.
I hate to clean my room, I'll wait to the very last day when it looks like shit, lol.
5. Who I wish I could be.
Nobody, I am myself, and that is who I wish to be.

6. Where I want to be right now.
Wherever, as long as I'm with my boyfriend and not here on the other side of the ocean.
7. The last thing I ate.
Left over food.

8. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.
Plus size model Tara Lynn
9. What song I’m currently  listening to.
Beyoncé's 4 album, I was here.

10. The last time I cried and why.
last night, talking to Jason. It's stressfull to be away from eachother and having little time to save up for the visa and pay off all my bills at the same time.

11. Something I’m excited about.
Seeing my baby soon! I can not wait and I pray to god that my visa goes tru so that I can move to the U.S.
12. 5 things I like about myself and 5 things I dislike about myself.
This is hard, gonna have to think about this later and put it in, cause I gotta run to work.

13. Three things I want right now.
I want to stay home, watch a good movie and rest some more. lol.
Sorry my blog as been so silent the past few weeks, I've been  busy with life and work, but I promis I will be better. I want to be better. I tag everyone that wants to do this! :) now I have to get changed and run to work! Thanks for reading, love you all!


Anonymous said…
Pretty cool tag! I would love to do this :)

and I hope you get the visa!
Ahn Belleza said…
It's sweet how much you want to be with your Jason right at this moment. Wishin you luck on your visa. :)

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