Just ordered these shoes online on SALE at I really DO NOT need any new shoes but these are so fierce I just have to own them and rock them! To the left 129 SEK, to the right 99 SEK. What a steal!!
What do you readers think? Hot or not? :)


Morgaine said…
totally hot! love both of these.x
Maria Bach said…
So hot! i bought the right shoes a while ago, and i love them! They are so cool! :)

// Maria Bach
Rikke said…
HOT! I've also had the ones on the right in my basket. Maybe now's the time to buy :)

xoxo Rikke
Natalie Mulford said…
HOT! You really do have brilliant taste in shoes!!
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with you, they´re HOT!

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