What a great day it's been today!

So, it being my day off work I had to get out of the house and hang with my girl Elin, friend AND co-worker. We had a seriously amazing lunch at this Italian place, looked around the mall for a little bit, did some bargains at the SALE. *high five* and after that we headed down to the center of the city to catch a movie, saw "Something Borrowed", I liked it, it was really sweet and romantic, typical chic flick that I love, and this guy is so frikkin' handsome in the movie!! I died.
Now I'm gonna cozy up in bed and watch "HOP" :D
Thanks for reading! *mwah!*


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a lovely evening out! You look very pretty and Elin's food looks delicious!!!
Elata said…
Looks like you two had a pretty good day :) I've watched Something borrowed last weekend too and really liked it. And you are so right, the guy is incredibly hot!

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