Dress it down

Cardigan from Ginatricot, Top from Kapphal, Skirt from HM, Shoes from Converse.

So it's been a while since I updated on the skirt-challenge hosted by Cecilia at Styleremixx.blogspot.com. forgive me, but here's an update, and for this time I had to dress it down and make it casual, I decided to go super comfortable with a loose fitted top with cardigan and converse, and my new skirt from HM that I LOVE!!! and for one wearing my top ontop of my skirt and not tucking it in under my skirt. (also, no make-up lol. all natural baby.)

update: 5 min later I realize I've aready done this one before, talk about being confused. HAHAHAHA! I'm such a retard, I have no clue on what day I'm on, oh well, I'll keep both casual looks anyway. :)


Unknown said…
wow!love ur outfit.

Just Daisy said…
love what you did with this outfit! It totally works girl that skirt is killer hot :)



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