I need to follow you!

Hey doves, I know I havent been that active on the blog, but I'm super duper active on my tumblr page, Ive had it for a while now but wasnt that active in the begining but now I've really got a hang of it and love it! Love posting beautiful, funny or inspirational pictures and gif's you like to share with others and friends. I need to follow more pep's out there, and especially you! My reader or blog follower. ;) Want me to follow you? Comment on this post, or just go to jasiferlionsclub.tumblr.com and follow me and I'll follow you back! :)
have a beautiful day!


Destination Suz said…
Hey Jennifer, I don't have a tumbler but, i have a Blog i just started.. I just came across your page this morning and its so cute and fun.. So you have a new follower here!! Hope you stil post!

Marian said…
Tumblr is an addiction! I'm following you /perhapsisuppose xx
missthicks90 said…
I'm a total tumblr addict.... i followed u and if u want u can follow me http://succulent1.tumblr.com
OB said…
jennifer!! :) I've missed u! I'm so excited you have a tumblr I'm following you already :)

here is my new url
Eva said…
My tumblr is eva365.tumblr.com :)

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