Long time no see....

Jeez, I hate myself for not giving more attetion to my blog, I've really gotten lazy, I've gotten into that "watch series all the time"-mode. (and playing the sims on faebook.:P) Ehm, I'm watching, How I met your mother, Secret Circle, Criminal minds, Modern family, Supernatural, Jersey Shore, ANTM, and finally going through True Blood that I've never watched before, Oh and not to forget, watching through So you think you can dance! omg love it! I'm a busy little bee, lol. What series are you following?
Short updates, Got new glasses, yay! Seen on pictures, you like? I like ;) Went to the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm and had my "interview" for my visa application .It was more of a short and breif appointment, I'm so nervous about the result, hoping for the best! *fingers crossed* I miss Jason sooo much! He's my bestfriend and best boyfriend ever! and it sucks being apart! It's been more then 3 months now. *sigh* How much longer?!

Also, I'm late announcing the winner of the Earcuff earring! :D *drum roll*
Congratulations Honeysuckelle!  
I will send you and e-mail shortly. Thanks for reading!


Eva said…
You're so pretty in these two pictures!
Hahaha my bff is just like you, she watches series all the time! I only watch Gossip Girl right now (and Pretty Little Liars, but last season ended in August).:)
Frugal Big Girl said…
So cute!! Love that top!
I've been watching Secret Circle, ANTM, Real Housewives, Law and Order:SVU, and The Mentalist!
Can't believe you've never watched True Blood...I am OBSESSED with that show!!

Jessica Kane said…
I miss youuuuuuuuuu!! :) and Yes, me too. Obsessed.

Did you know I blog now??

jessica kane
skorch mag
Falala Mele said…
Goodluck with the visa!!! Addicted to Jersey Shore and Supernatural.... LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
JazmineKariss said…
Loving that top!
Anonymous said…
Love the top!


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Unknown said…
Hey, yay! I won. You look stunning and I love The Sims although I don't play much on facebook. Hope the visa stuff goes smoothly dear!

Just Daisy said…
What a cute top!

I love your frames and I'm on the series overload too! I'm watching:

True Blood, Secret Circle, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Big Bang Theory, Revenge, Law & Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy, & 90210

p.s. i'm crossing my fingers for your visa <3


Natalie Mulford said…
I've missed your posts, i'm so used to seeing lots of updates of yours on my blog reader, it's been lonely without them!

I've been watching, hmmm, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Pan Am, The Playboy Club, Two Broke Girls, Terra Nova, and a few more. My insomnia has been playing up, so I've had lots of shows to watch!
Unknown said…
I hope I haven't missed your email, hotmail can be a pain in the booty.
Kristel Knows said…
omg, thanks for sharing everyone!!! <3

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