Dress from HM, Leggings from HM, Jacket from HM, Earrings from HM, Boots from Skopunkten.


DoubleXL said…
You're so lucky that you have access to some plus size clothing from H&M and it's sucks that they won't ship internationally...n e ways gorgeous look!
Sarah from QueenSizedFlava.com
Unknown said…
I agree with DoubleXL, I really wish H&M shipped their plus size line to the U.S. I heard they have plans to do it soon but it cannot be soon enough, I like going to H&M's website and drooling over the adorable plus size clothes I'm missing.

But anyway haha, I love this dress, the color is great and I think the grey coat really work with this shade of blue as well.

I'm excited about the ear cuff I won!
Charchiccc said…
Love this outfit! :)

www.charchiccc.blogspot.com x
Anonymous said…
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Ki said…
I'm from Spain. I discovered your blog yesterday and have had great time reading and watching your outfits. I just love them!

Well, I love wearing jeans with boots, and i'm just looking for the boots of this season and have some doubts.

How do you see this pair of boots?



At the begining I prefer the second one but now... i'm not sure. I think the first pair can be more "wereable" with leggins or skirts/dresses. What do you think?? I really apreciate your opinion!

Thank you in advice! xoxo
Frugal Big Girl said…
So cute! Love that dress and the boots!

Polly said…
Love the dress!
Alexandra said…
You totally rock the bun. This looks exactly like some outfit I would wear, and it looks great!

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