You're my bro, man.

Herlo! Hope you've all had a wonderful day so far! I have, been off work and it's been so nice to just sit around and be a little lazy and get a few things done as well. Just finished watching season 8 of "so you think you can dance" that show warms my heart, omg, when Marko had his mom in the audience and she was crying and he said "I love you mom"....TEARS! And I loved Melanie from the start, so happy she won, don't you agree? (all you SYTYCD fans out there!) 
I've also gotten started with my DIY project, I was close to forgetting about it cause I agreed to do it in the begining of the year but, but I was reminded and I'm actually almost done, exciting, I will show pictures later, I'm making 3 bracelets and 2 penn/whatever you wanna put in it-holder. :)

My sister is forcing me to go on a "intense-work out" class at the gym today, I'm having a major anxiety attack cause I haven't worked out in 5 years and I really feel that I'm gonna hurt myself or loose my breath, LOL, I'm so out of shape, I need to start slow! Feel me? We'll see what happens about that...she's gonna hate me if I don't go, I'm making her pay if I will though, ugh, I hate gyms!


Izumrud said…
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Just Daisy said…
awwwwwwwwwww you two are adorable!

yes for brotherly love



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