05 & 06 You're favorite thing to do & Anything Hello Kitty

There's many things that brings joy to my soul, like shopping, cooking and having a nice dinner with friends or family, going out for a cup of coffee, or hang out with my sister or brother. I'm gonna miss them the most when I move to the states later. I can see myself getting all emotional when I finally see them again, omg, I'll cry like a baby. They are my best friends. You feel me? Siblings are the best.
Oh and today I bought an amazing winter jacket from Esprit, I've seen it before, last season and loved it! thinking that it wouldn't fit me, now I have the extra money and I tried it and it fits like a glove and it's super warm and fluffy. I'll do an OOTD later ;) So now I have an everyday winter jacket and one for nicer occations.*HAPPY*
Hope you all have an amazing day!


Marian said…
When are you moving to the States? :) xx
Unknown said…
Its so sweet that you have such a good relationship with your family. Looking forward to seeing the jacket you got from Espirit and what a pretty cup of coffee.


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