07 - Your favorite animal

Cat has always been my favorite animal. I've had one now for about 5 years but it feels like I got him just yesterday and the thought of loosing Trisse when he gets too old is horrible. I don't want it to happend, I want to have Trisse with me my whole life. He's my cute and adorable pet. I need my pet! I love how they lie with their arms tucked in under them, like a little ball, you know what I mean? :D
What's your favorite animal?


Unknown said…
I love kitties too, I honestly think losing my pets has been one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever experienced. I guess that makes me lucky that I haven't had any large tragedies but to me losing a pet is like losing a best friend/a child/an adorable innocent creature. I'm being macabre, my apologies. I absolutely love kitties too and have quite a bond with them.


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