01 - Your favorite eyeliner

A have two favorite eyeliners, and they are both from Oriflame. One is regular black from the "carbaret"-collection, the other one from "very me" in brown. I use these two on an everyday basis, as well as to work sometimes, and when you work in a hot enviroment it's hard to wear make-up because it smudges and wears off quickly, but these two doesn't. I'm thrilled! :) My eyeliner completes my make-up, it makes my eyes "pop" more, I have small eyes (I think) so I love to bring them out with a chic "cat eye". 
If you're looking for a good eyelines that sticks, I recommend Oriflame, however you can only buy them from a representative, like how Mary Kay works you know. :) But one shouln't be that hard to find.
What's your favorite Eyeliner? 


Marian said…
I use Elf gel liner, cheap and great quailty! xx
Unknown said…
Good quality eye liner is hard to find, I will have to look into these, my eyeliner always fades and it drives me nuts.


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