02 - Your favorite bag that you own

Easy pick! My Mark Eckö RED bag I got last summer at Marshalls U.S. Org. price 68$ but I got it for 28$. I LOVE THIS BAG, it's so me, it goes with my everyday style and gives it an edge. I use this bag everyday, I've changed from time to time but I seem to always return to this one, and I'm sure you've seen it alot on many of my OOTD's. It's doesn't yet show any signs of being worn out, it's a huge deal for me, cause other favorite bags has broken on me. Bad quality, this one isn't. 
Do you own a Mark Eckö bag?
Thanks for reading.


Just Daisy said…
that bag is super cute, I see why you love it so much what a steal!


Unknown said…
I love this bag, I have a similar bag from Target that I also love. I've never owned a Mark Ecko bag but they sound great!

Eva said…
It's pretty :)
Have you received your package from me, Jennifer? :)
Cæcilie Sofie said…
Love that bag!! :)

Have a good night.

Xoxo Cæcilie Sofie

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