Nice shapes! Favorite Shapewear.

A curvy girl need good plus size shapewear! has many great ones! Here are a few of my favorites ALL from I already own a couple of shapewear briefs but the're not as close as cute and sexy as these ones! Love the lace and bow detial as well as the edgy ones with the V panel shape. I do not yet own a bodyshaper, which I NEED to get! it would be perfect under a slim dress, I love my dresses but can often not wear my slim ones because I don't feel completely comfortable without some sort of shapewear, breifs give you that buldge sometimes above your waist, a bodyshaper would fix that! I love these ones above. Also, one of my favorite everyday combos are black tights with a cute dress or top, how perfect aren't these bodyshaping tights to go with that!? All in plus-sizes, to fit every body. Love it!
I'm gonna add these pieces to my Christmas wishlist.

Please visit, to check out their amazing website.  
Thanks for reading!


Unknown said…
I have the brief ones and just recently bought a full body one from Spanx, I couldn't wear it for more than 3 hours haha- my legs started to go numb!

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