OOTD My Espirit

Winter jacket from Espirit size EU 44, Scarf from HM, Knitted top from Ginatricot, Thick stockings from Cubus, Bag from Marc Eckö, Shoes from Skopunkten.

So this is my new winter jacket from Espirit that I bought the other day, LOVE IT! It's a size EU 44, US size 16 and I was almost sure it wasn't gonna fit well. A winter jacket needs to be comfortable and I had a feeling it was gonna be too tight. BUT! I tried it on and it fits like a glove, it's tight in the arms but other then that it fits well, I can move comfortably and close the jacket and breath at the same time :P I'M SO HAPPY! Sometimes you have to not stare blind at the size numbers but to actually try it on. It was so worth the extra money! Thoughts? I love the collar, so puffy and soft.
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