14 - Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have

If I had to chose it would be either one of these, Cassie and Nicki look amazing in this hairstyle/Hair cut, however I don't know if it would look as nice as it does on them on me...but it would be cool to rock one of these looks. I like the short in the back and long in the front...............maybe.....I should........if ill look horrible I wont die :P hair always grows back out. Thoughts?


the EyeZuh said…
i've been dying to shave the side of my head!!! lols but 1)my mom would punch me as well as the rest of my family and 2)it just seems so "in" right now... i can't help but feel like a lemming if i do it :/ lols. but i will vicariously live through YOU if you decide to! ;D
shandi said…
i just shaved the side of my head and i love it, i like it even more as it's growing out. i was a little nervous because i have a fuller face and thought it may make me look rounder than i am, but really it did the opposite. one suggestion: leave the rest of the hair around your face long. i cut a graduating bang with short layers everywhere else and it's just not that versatile, and harder to hide the shaved side if you need to for work or whatever. good luck!

I love this!!!!!! thank you! your blog is awesome!!
Beyond Sizes said…
I think that you would look really cool in this kind of hairstyle. You're so cute! Go for it!


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