20 - What makes you happy

Nowadays when I'm off work I always try to hang out with Phillip or Jessica, my little brother and sister, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I will miss them so much when I move to the U.S. like "cry-in-bed-feeling-lonely"-miss them, but on some Josh Groban, like "Don't give up, you are loved". haha, kiddning, that song's great btw. Anyhow, what makes me happy is spending them with them, we have so much fun together, now when we're all grown up we've become best friends. AAaahhhh!! *proud big sister*
Thanks for reading *hearts*


Unknown said…
How sweet, I wish I could say I was this close to my siblings. My little sisters are a bit too young and involved in their sports and stuff at the moment. When I lived with my Mom still I hung out with my sisters a lot though. It's amazing, all three of you have almost the exact three eyes. Those are good genes.


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