Generous denim jeans

Just want to share some pictures from the changing room's at Lindex, where I found the most amazing, most comfortable denim jeans ever! EVER! LOVE! from their plus size line "generous", great name btw! Size 48, fits great! Just enough tightness, skinny/straight leg, No camel toe! (Halle-luuuh!) No huge belly bump! It tucks it in, I can squat in them without loosing my breath, LOL. if you know what I mean!? I highly recommend them! Denim jeans are so hard to find, and I'm so happy I found these.


Unknown said…
A good pair of denim jeans are so hard to find! I don't know if they carry this brand in the States but I will look into it. The jeans fit you like a glove and I know exactly what you mean about tucking in and being able to sit comfortably.

Just Daisy said…
these sound like the jeans of my dreams!

They look amazing too <3

Marian said…
I got ones like that at New Look and I am so happy with them! I'm thinking on purchasing another pair, haha.
Unknown said…
Det ska jag ta och pröva :)
Anonymous said…
Love the jeans.

Mode Plus said…
Discovered Lindex last year on my trip to Oslo. I loved how they called the +section: generous. I think I practically shopped every single Lindex I saw.
Allyssa said…
That's nice and good for you. I would love to look for jeans and other plus size clothes to fit me.
Unknown said…
I got a pair and the are amazing.
I just cant find them in Denmark.
Unknown said…
I got a pair and the are amazing.

Got them in Sweden but I can't find them here. I live in Denmark.

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