My new life starts soon...

SO it's done! :) My flight ticket to the U.S. is booked and I'm leaving Sweden to move to my man in New Jersey, and his family. I can't really grasp yet what a huge step this is, but I know I'm ready to make the move. I've been waiting and working towards this together with Jason (Love you!!) and his family for such a long time now that I can not wait to go! It's gonne be so exciting, I'm so blessed to have such a great people that support me and this decision. And so grateful for the help I've gotten to recieve my visa, it's been a lot of paper work, and it has cost a lot of money and taken a lot of time. Now it's only a couple of month left of getting ready and working my butt of to save more money. Wish me luck! I'm determind to make this the best Christmas ever in Sweden with my family and friends, cause after this one my next Christmas will probably be celebrated in the U.S. with my new family and friends.
Omg, can't wait to be with my best friend, best boyfriend, best partner, best everything! Jason.
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Ariana said…
Woo Congrats! That is so exciting! You have a friend here, we must definitely get together again once you're here for good!
Charchiccc said…
Sounds so exciting - Good Luck! :) x
Unknown said…
Oh vad kul att höra :D Äntligen kanske man ska säga ;) Kram och god jul!
the thick spot said…
YEA to NJ! You'll luv it! We really have to meet now! Im excited 4 u!
Just Daisy said…
Congrats how exciting?!

woo hoo so glad your moving the the east coast tristate areas are the best :)

Anonymous said…
Älskar dig Jennifer och är så glad för din skull! Ser framför mig hur ni lever ert liv, skaffar små barn :D
Lovar att jag ska komma och hälsa på.
Puss / Maria
Such great news!! Good luck for you and for both of you!!!
Congratulations on the start of your wonderful new adventure!
♡ Brooke
Odeliaa said…
Good luck from my hart :-)

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