OOTD Snowy before

Jacket from Espirit, Top from HM, Belt from HM, BIB leggings from HM, Bag from Marc Eckö, Shoes from Skopunkten, glases from Specsavers, cross earrings from ur och penn.

All that snow right there is today ALL gone, sick isn't. It comes one day, and is gone the other, right before Christmas, which sucked cause snow gives me the extra Christmas spirit. You feel me. A little snow doesn't hurt. :P But all I see now is grass, gravel and concrete. Buu!


Anonymous said…
i love this outfit jen ! :) very pretty girl!
Anonymous said…
I love your style ! <3 Kisses from Poland
Anonymous said…
Dina glasögon är fett snygg. Behöver också ju :) Mitt ansikte är dock missformat så inga passar. Puss /dubble J MD Me

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