Come back, come back Cindy!

I miss the 90s models with more meat on their bones, just look at Cindy Crawford, GORGEOUS! If you'd wanna loose weight to get healthy you want to look at these women, not todays super skinny runway models, some of them are really skinny, some are just skinny, and every now and then a more cruvy models pops up, but it's not as often as I wish it to be. Don't you think? 
If they 90s runway looked like this, why can't it now? 
The top picture is from Herves Legers fashion show from the 90s and from recently, and he says that he doesn't get inspired by todays models because he feels they look too skinny. I agree. Personaly I don't find it attractive. Thoughts?


socialitedreams said…
i've been saying that for a while. so over the -00 look, it's really baffling why it's so desired in fashion still. dreadful!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree!

Unknown said…
I totally agree with you, I really don't understand the models today - I find them hard to look at because they seem so sickly thin. How often do you actually see anyone the size of the current runway models? Hardly ever if ever and when you do, I usually think, wow... too skinny.

Anonymous said…
i agree, i dont like the thin models there really skinny and i think we need more Pluz size girls and boy's here!


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