Dark Winter

Dress from HM, Thin belt from HM, Cardigan from Target, Furr collar from HM, Ring from Forever21, Stockings from Lindex, Booties from Skopunkten.

So I've printed out my flight itinerary for my move to the States, and now more then ever this feels so real! It's kind of hitting me right now that I'm actually MOVING! and GOING! Oooo, all the things that needs to get done before I leave, almost feeling a little stressed out. Gotta fix insurance, fix and sell my car, pack away all my stuff. etc. clean...lots of cleaning. and make sure I got all the important documents I need in the States. :D eek.
Hope you all have a great day!


Steph et Lea said…
Love your cardigan !!!

Just Daisy said…
You Look so glamorous! How exciting the states needs your amazing style

Unknown said…
Wow, crunch time for the move! I hope everything goes smoothly and try to remember to take time to relax. You look lovely, I love the dress and I love the picture. I like the way the feeling of snow can change depending on the time of day/what it's like outside - sometimes it looks like paradise and other times it has a somewhat mysterious look to it.

Kimberly said…
What an exciting time in your life!! Good luck tying up loose ends before your big move. Love the fur collar cardi too!
Unknown said…
Amazing outfit :)
Anonymous said…
Cute dress, love it!


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socialitedreams said…
yay for a move! great outfit
Carla said…
you look great! Love the dress

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