Follow up!

Here are some pictures from, an amazing plus size magazine online!! And these pictures really caught my eye, from what I wrote yesterday about the 90s runway models looking more healthy then todays runway models and etc. I thought posting these pictures and facts would be an awesome follow up. I don't know if you read, if you don't, DO!! just click the link ;)
Also, I'm not hatin' on skinny models or girls, I just want diversity! :) lets mix it up, I want to see different body types, and more body types that I can relate too. Plus size FTW! :P
Enjoy and hope you find the facts as interesting as I did, I just had to share it on my blog.


I agree with everything you say! xo
Gabi said…
WOW! What a strong message:) Love it!
Wendy Banner said…
I definitely agree with all of this. :)
Shandi said…
I love that magazine and these photos are great...especially the images of the "plus size" model with the very thin model...very powerfull.
J-Jones said…
Those are very powerful images.
Really strong messagem!!!

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