OOTD All black!

Jacket from HM+ (BIB) size 46, Dress from HM size L, Stockings from Lindex, Shoes from Nelly.com SALE.

I have to do something with my hair color, it looks so bad in that light! lol, the part where I high-lighted my hair two summers ago, has now grown out so long it looks awful! It's like ORANGE! Eek! I must tone it down with some darker brown color, it doesn't look that bad in another light but when I'm out in day light like here it really stands out, I don't wanna cut my hair again, I want it loooooong! *sigh* I should have never colored my hair in the first place, it just messes everything up, I want my natural hair color back. :) 
Oh, and this dress from HM, highly recommend! It's so cute and flattering, and they carry the size XL as well, and in a couple of other cool colors. Love the wide skirt! :D
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LucyDry said…
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LucyDry said…
Everyday, I view your blog. Your blog is awesome, you're amazing! :-) Big respect for you, I'm too "curvylicious", but I'm shy and you give me more confidence. I love you and your blog too! :-))
M I N G said…
The dress is very cute and flattering, agreed! Love the jacket too. You should dye the bottom a jet black until it grows out.
Malene said…
I love, love, love this outfit on you. I must have this dress (if it fits me anyway...). I wonder if it is available in Denmark too. Fingers crossed!
Unknown said…
You look gorgeous, I love the jacket and the dress is a very flattering cut on you. I like the shoes as well, you have fabulous legs. You can probably keep the length and go to a hair stylist and have her dye it your natural hair color? That's what I plan on doing because my old hair color is fading big time.

Katrin said…
Aw when I saw your hair the first thing I thought was "Wow that is some great ombre hair"!
I just love this color fading, and I think it look awesome...if you don't lie the orange tone you could just tone it down a bit ;)
Gabi said…
I love this whole look! You look sooo chic! I'm sad because I saw this dress in the summer and I was hoping H&M was still carrying but I couldn't find it. It looks lovely on you:)
Anonymous said…
Love the outfit!


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