OOTD and it begins....

Jacket from Espirit, Top from Kappahl, Studded leggings from HM Divided, Boots from Skopunkten.

So for 2012 I really need to get healthy, I can't believe I let myself go this whole year and I've gained like 5-6 kilos, NOOO! Why?! Why Jennifer?! I've gotten too comfortable to the point where I don't feel that comfortable anymore. I'm hooked on my friend Elin's diet plan, to cut out unhealthy foods that we splurge on at an everyday basis. Example; Soda, fried food and white bread. (omg, when I type this I feel like such a pig, haha!) So far this week I'm trying to cut out soda, I don't drink soda at home, just a lot at work. So i've only had water and a Coke Zero with my meal. (at work) We'll see if it makes a different for me, Elin lost 3 kilos in a week just cutting that out, kudos! :D I'm inspiried. I just wanna shred those extra kilos I've put on and go back to my old (still curvy) size. Believe me, there's a big tummy hiding under that over-size top :P
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I gave up white bread last year and feel SO much better! It was tough at first but now I don't like the taste of it at all! I know how you feel about gaining weight, it happens me anytime I eat anything bad. I have gone up between 1 and 2 dress sizes since I began my blog!

lovely outfit, as always. xoxo

Alison said…
Also on the road to get healthier this year! I absolutely wanna get rid of 7 kg and then eventually loose 10 more but those first 7 ones are very very important! I'm also doing things progressively and started with sport :) So far I'm working out 3h30 a week (1h zumba, 1h30 hip-hop & 2x30min running). I'm also already moderating my portions. Next week I'll focus on drinking more water & getting more sleep & the 3rd week will be the most difficult: cutting out the snacks!

Good luck girl, I know we can do it :)

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