Knitted ove-size top from HM, Belt from HM, Fleece stockings from Cubus, Lace up booties from skopunkten.

Oh, I hate you blogger.com right now, I had just wrote a really long post and then it failed to post, and it didn't even save either, it all....disappeared. FML :P I'll maybe write about it later. Now I'm off to meet up with my sämboe, Jessica aka littl' sissy. I think tonight will be.....TACO NIGHT! YAY!
Lots of love,


Anonymous said…
Love the sweater dress.


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Natalie Mulford said…
Gorgeous! Ah, look at all the snow, it looks so beautiful!
Unknown said…
You and the snow look so pretty. Yay for Taco Night! I love Mexican food.

Allyssa said…
You are so beautiful! That is a really gorgeous dress. Where do you shop for your plus size fashion dresses?
Carla said…
pretty outfit! Simple but yet stunning :)

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