OOTD True colors

Button down sheer top from HM+ size EU 46, Denim shorts from Forever21+. Black stockings from Lindex, Bag from USA, Lace up botties from Skopunkten, Big silver ring from Åhléns.

I really like this outfit, a tiny bit too cold though to wear it out for long but can't wait for spring to come so that I can rock similar combos, I like the shorts together with stockings. CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING! :D Also, what d you think of my new and improved hair color? Now all dark brown, I like it alot, looks more classic now, then with the gorwn-out high lights in *eek* orange :P maybe I'll miss it later but for now I love this color. 
Also, signed myself up on myfitnesspal.com, so I'm keeping count of everything I eat, hard as hell!! I love food and this is torture, but I really want to loose those extra kilos so I guess this is what I NEED to do, count calories, jeez, something I never thought I would EVER do. but here I am doing it. So it's been a week exact now and so far I've lost...

Yay! Good start, thanks for reading and following!


Gazel M. said…
I love your hair colour!!
thomessa said…
Your hair color is pretty! & I really like that top of yours.
Unknown said…
bluz is good!like it!
Unknown said…
You look gorgeous, I would freeze in that oufit but I'd still wear it haha, I'm finding it hard to get a good pair of tights that won't ladder.
FannyJustMyLuck said…
Oh! I love the bag, I think my mum has someone like that.
And the boots are just amazing! You look so cute!
Just Daisy said…
Don't worry you got this! Congrats keep up the great work. You look beautiful in those booties :)

Lucy said…
I love the hair color! And I'm totally in awe of this outfit. You pull it off so well.

I did the fitness diary for a while too. I thought it was okay, tough to keep up with though! I'm doing a new thing now- the Shangri-La diet. It helps you shrink your appetite, and they say it's based on science.

Anyway- I think you look amazing, and I follow your blog because you always look amazing. You are truly inspiring. Just wanted you to know.
Emmanuelle Fölkiesh said…
one of my favorites outfits from you!

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