"That's a wrap everyone!!"

OH MY GOD! I can not BELIEVE 2011 is over already, this is the fastest a year has gone by ever for me! It really went by too fast! Don't you think? And what have I achived this year? ehm.....eh....for starters my visa application got accepted, so now I have a K1 visa. But other then that I've only been working, working and working, been to New Jersey 2 times to visit Jason, and he's been in Sweden once to visit me, it's been nice, but sucky to be away from eachother. Now the 2nd of March I'm moving to stay for a while with Jason in the US. YAY! so 2012 will be FAR more exciting then 2011. New life, new place, new friends, new job, new culture, new surroundings, new experience! Can't wait, I need to get out of this "same old, same old" everyday rut, where I can start taking more care of myself. I'm not getting any younger, I'm already 24 years old and I'm starting to panic a little about what I want to do with my life, I really don't have a clue, I'm starting to lean into wanting to learn more about food and cooking and a dream would be to open my own restaurant! :) 
For new years resolutions? I'm gonna have to give that a little more thought.
Hope you all had a great New years eve celebration.


Unknown said…
Very cute outfits and a happy new year!
ArtfulArtsyAmy said…
That's a big move and very exciting. Congrats and I hope you enjoy the U.S.!
Jag gillar om din blog! :)
Unknown said…
Happy New Year! Sounds like you have an exciting 2012 to look forward to. I love all the outfits throughout the year, gorgeous in 2011 and definitely gorgeous in the next.

sofia sörensen said…
jättefin blogg! länkbyte? kram
Becky said…
Happy New Year, Jennifer!:D
I love every single outfit worn in the pictures above and I am terribly jealous of your wardrobe xD
Wish you all the best for this year (and your dreams) and enjoy the States!:)


LucyDry said…
You're still beautiful! :-)) Happy New Year, too!

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