The wonders of make-up

I don't know much about make-up, but I love it anyway, I want to learn more, get the tips and tricks. Because it is fun working with with that being said...Just wanted to show my "clean", and...hrrm...blemished face, haha, with a super dry T-zone (help me!) . and then an after picture with my make-up on. Thank god for make-up, I look horrible without it. :P I often go to work without "my face"-on and feel comfortable, because I don't care really what I look like.
Who am I making myself pretty for? right? But as soon as I get a glance of myself in the mirror, I'm reminded that I really look like shit. haha! I look really tired...So, I do it for myself. It's nice to feel pretty sometimes, am I right?! Jason's not around so...if he was, I'd look pretty for him of course.

I would love to get some make-up tips from you guys! Or let me know what your favorite make-up products are? 
I'm really free-styling here.


Cosmic said…
Personally Jen, you've gone the kind of 'natural beauty' that most girls would envy(thanks to those combined heritage genes:)and are very fortunate to look like that!

Eva said…
Blemished? Where do you see blemishes on your face? Honestly, you're so gorgeous without any make up on! I'm jealous haha, I haven't taken a picture without my makeup since I was like 13, let alone posting it on my blog!:)
simplymayraaa said…
You look beautiful either way! I have terrible dark circles under my eyes, i feel like a zombie w/o makeup lol. I think you should try out a bold lip/lipstick along with the pretty cat eye that you have on. I love a bright fuschia, or even a tangerine lipstick for a pop of color and keep everything else natural. Have you tried a highlighter right underneath the brow bone and on the cheekbone? It's very subtle but really brightens and wakes the face up! I love The Balm's 'Mary Lou Manizer". Sorry for rambling, but I hope you find these tips useful! I'm a freelance makeup artist and have clients that are new to makeup all the time!
Unknown said…
Aww, you are too hard on yourself, you look beautiful with and without the makeup. I do understand how you feel though, I feel like I look absolutely horrid without makeup since I have really pale (and scarred) skin and really blonde eyelashes/brows. I love the shade of blush and lipstick, it looks really good. I'm not a makeup expert, I use the same 2-3 products over and over again, I'm very boring. What brand of lipstick is that?

Natalie Mulford said…
I think you look gorgeous without make up! I find make up just enhances your natural beauty. xox

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